Accessing the logged error in mendix app

Hi Community, We are trying to log the error message in the log message activity in my microflow. but i am not sure where to check those logged errors. Is there any way to find where the error is getting logged may be in a log file so that i can trouleshoot it.   Thanks.    
2 answers

You can immediately find errors in your console.
You can further debug your microflow by adding breakpoints into your microflow when testing it and checking if all the variables behave as expected.

You can find out more here in the Documentation.


To debug your app while it is deployed, head to your environments section (acceptance) and click the show debugger information button at the bottom.

there you can copy the link to the debugger and the debugging password.
Then connect to it by connecting your debugger to aforementioned credentials.

Then you can locally add breakpoints to your microflow and and debug as mentioned in the documentation.