Editin Assocated Account-Entity - Screenshots?

Hey togehter,   i’m very new to the mendix community. Right now im stuck with the link (below).   https://academy.mendix.com/link/modules/315/lectures/2402/6.6.3-Editing-the-Associated-Account-Entity   Can you you provide a screenshot for the starting? That would be wonderful. Its the information like: Editing the Associated Account Entity Change the Label caption of Name to Username Double click the User role selection widget to configure it: Change the data source to Name rather than ModelGUID.  Change the Editability setting to Default.  Click Select… for the Select page parameter. In the Select web page window, create a new page called UserRole_Select using the PopupLayoutNavigation layout and the Select With List View template. Mendix will create this for you. Click OK. Click OK again. Thanks for advance, Daud
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hi Daud Lell,


First you have to create an association with your employee entity and Account Entity.

Then as shown in the Learning path go to Employee Edit page and Add a dataview with Association Employee_Account.

point 1: Double click  the Name Text box and change the label to UserName.

Point 2 : Double click the User Role Reference Set selector, and in the attrbute path select the following:


Point 3:Right click on the User role selector and select generate page and follow the instruction to give the name and the layout selection.




Hope this helps!!!!