Excel Exporter Module microflow

Hi there, I am working on Academy "Importing and Exporting Your Data" and have stumbled on 7.3.2. It outputs an excel file with no information. It seems to me that microflow is not getting the data, what should I fix it? The current microflow is as follows. Thanks inadvance. BR, Kazuki Abe
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Your current setup is to create a list, associate each list-object to another entity and download that other entity. Might work if you have set the references in your template correctly. So in your template, check them

To bugfix your way:

- See if adding a commit to ‘Create Product_ExcelDocument’’ helps; I guess not;

- Debug your microflow, set a breakpoint the end of the first and at MxTemplate, see if ‘ProductExcelDocument’ has objects and if the object ‘Product’ exists.


But you need not create a list and retrieve and loop and associate first. And you need not create an own version of GenerateReport. Just retrieve the template and then directly call XLSReport.GenerateReport feeding it that template.