Building Blocks Category Alignments missing in Mendix 9.6.7

Hi,   I'm following a Intermediate Learning Path in the Mendix Academy. But it seems like I'm missing  Building Blocks and was wondering if somebody could help me and give me some advice on what to do.   This is what the learning course says, but I when I try to find the building block I can't find it.   Building block Flex container left. Heading 2 style. Default Create object button. Building block: List 1 item; On click action -> Show a page -> Player_NewEdit. This page should be a pop-up page that allows you to fill out the player’s name and number.  
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Hi Fouad, 


You’re correct that you cannot find the flex container left in the building blocks.

Maybe you can report this to the Mendix academy that this isn’t possible? 

In Mendix Studio Pro v9.12.2 you can use these building blocks.




Hey Fouad,

Try downloading Atlas web content  module,

Mendix Marketplace - Atlas Web Content


I am not sure it can solve your issue, but it should.

Hope it helps!