what are best practise regarding Domain model and Microflow as per you

What are best practise regarding domain model and Microflows? Please do not share the Mendix docs link for the same
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Hi Harsh Bhanushali,

Domain Model 

  1. Removing unwanted attributes

  2. Removing unwanted entities

  3. Updation of attribute and entity names

  4. Avoid using underscores in entity names

  5. Domain Model should look neat and clean - Readable

  6. Group all persistable and non persistable

Microflow should be

  1.  None of the microflows shouldn’t exceed more than 25 activities.
  2. Add annotations to your microflow - even if it is validation.
  3. Do not put commit inside the loop .

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Hi Harsh,


Why dont you want links to Mendix documents with the best practice written out for you? You want Mendix best practice, but not from Mendix?


Can you please explain what you are looking for?


Thanks, Jan