How to use DeepLink module to redirect URL link

I am developing a Mendix app for document management.  There are document links in PDF files that user can click to open. All the documents are stored in Mendix system and accessible by  url links like http://localhost:8080/file?guid=.  Since the guid is used to get the document,  whenever the document is revised, it will has a new URL link.  To avoid update the links in each PDF files, I am thinking to use a URL link with a path which never changes but whenever user click it, it will be redirected to the URL of the latest version of document.  DeepLink seems have the function.  However, I am not familiar with Deeplink module.  Can someone explain how to use  DeepLink microflows or let me know where I can find examples/training document/training videos?
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Hi Hong,


Here is a deeplink documentation to help you start: