Reset App - Start All Over

Hi,    I started learning mendix through the “Become a rapid developer” course, unfortunately due to some clarities I thought that I accidentally opened another App so while going through the course I deleted a bunch of things that should not have been deleted, now my app does not even allow me to preview it and I am having serious trouble following the Mendix academy with the new version (9.16.1 I believe) of the Mendix Studio web application. Can you please tell me how I can fix this? Do I have to start all over again? If so, how do I at least reset the entire thing?  Thank you!   Best regards, DW
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Hey Dennis,

There is an option for reverting all changed in the Studio pro, it will revert all the changes till the last commit,

So, all of your unwanted changes that you made will be reverted back to what it was,

you can refer to the image below,


Hope it helps!