Environment viables

Hello, I need to use a label on a pages with the execution environment of the application, is there any way to obtain said environment?
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Hi Raúl,

Two answers come to mind:

  1.  Use the GetApplicationURL Java actions from the CommunityCommons module (located under Misc) in a DataView using a Microflow. You can return a helper entity (non-persistent) with an enumeration based upon a string comparison, so that you can show/alter the label based upon the environment
  2. Or, create a constant which value gets set differently per environment. E.g. local, acceptance, production. Again a DataView using a Microflow can return an object based upon the constant value, which you use to alter the visibility of the label

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You can create a constant which will store your environment name. It should be Exposed to client:


Then you can create a text on page or a label where you will show that constant value: