Consistency error when nesting a listview in a dataview

Hi i’m trying to get through my intermediate lessons, but keep bumping in to the same problem. Can somebody please help me out. Problem is that since i upgraded to the Pro Studio 9.18.1. Everytime that i use a listview in a dataview to nest data that are assosiated and i already have another page/button connected tot that page then i get an consistency error on that other page. Even when i remove that listed data he keeps remembering that is was there and keeps the error untill i remove the whole page. For example when i have a button on the homepage that is navigated to an overview page with entity ‘Customer’. Then on that overview page i nest customer sales data through the association, the connecting button on the home page is now giving this error. But i did not change the entity of the overview page. I just nested a listview with another entity.  The only way to remove that error is to delete the whole page and make it again. it’s really frustrating. Does anybody know why this is?  
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Hi Vanessa,

I ran into this error as well.  After furiously redoing a page piece by piece I figured out a simple workaround:

  1. Export the page. (save it externally – pagename.mpk)
  2. Delete the page from your project
  3. Re-import the page from file

Hope it works for you. 


Hey Venessa,

Can you please send the screenshot pf the error you are getting?


Could this be related to the 9.18 release notes about multiple page parameters? I’ve not used 9.18 yet but it seems like it could be a good starting point to check this.

Check that your microflow and page parameters are all correct for the pages you are using.