Doubt about Mendix Studio first app to develop

Hello good night everyone. I´m doing Build An App From Excel Spreadsheet course, and they ask ypu to make an app for a CallCenter from a spreadsheet, my question is if there any way to choose the version of Mendix Studio, since they ask me to work with the version 9.12.4 and the most recent version 9.19.0 appears by default for me. I tried to do it with the most recent version but when I gett to section to Configure the List View it asks me to delete certain things from the list to add the attributes and put buttons, but my version doesn´t let me do it because I can add attributes but at Advacing to the next section, wich is adding buttons, does not allow me.
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Hi Wolfgang,

locally you can open a specific version by using the Mendix Version Selector, which is by default installed when installing a modeler.
Located at "C:\Program Files\Mendix\Version Selector", note it will only show installed Mendix Pro versions.

If you don't have 9.12.4 installed, you can download it from the "Get studio pro"  page.

If this doesn't solve the problem, which appears to be, not able to add buttons. Please let us know and add some more details (screenshots and explanation) of the page