Intermediate Certification

Hello All, I hope all of you are aware of 24/7 unlimited seat bookings for Intermediate and Advanced certification exams. I have registered for the Intermediate examination and received the mail with the exam link as well. I read the exam guide before registering for the examination. I saw that the ’Start test’ link will be valid for up to one month. But in the email, it seems like the ‘start test’ link will be valid for one day.  Can someone say how the link validity will be?
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Hey Sasidharan,

The Start link is valid for one month, and you can start the exam by clicking on the link,

If you face any such issue, then for the case, you can write a mail to @academy.mendix, and raise a support ticket, and your issue will be resolved.


Hope it helps!!


All the best with the exam :)