Rapid developer crash course 9.4.2 - How did we know what is the id of Employee user role?

https://academy.mendix.com/link/modules/325/lectures/3440/9.4.2-Set-New-Users-to-Employee-User-Role   the course does not explain how did we know that the id of Employee user role is ‘UserRole_Employee’ all what we did up until this lesson 9.4.2 that we created Employee user role in App security, not the modul yet, not the system security, and the course says now in 9.4.2 that when we want to retrieve this role we user the XPath expression [id=’[%UserRole_Employee%]’] from the entity System.UserRole, how did we know that the id is UserRole_Employee? and why did we retrieve it from System.UserRole instead of Administration.UserRole?
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Hey Mohammad,
here  [id=’[%UserRole_Employee%]’]  represents the retrieval of user role which is assigned to employee,

Now, we retrieved the user role from the system, because, User role is the object of System module.
You can refer to the image below,

Hope it helps!