Mendix Intermediate - Can I use the app directory during exam?

Hello,Mendix allows to use any Mendix Sutdio Pro Project. Can I also look inside the App directory?   Since the App directory is covered in the learning paths I should also be able to look directly into my projets App directory or not?   Allowed Resources While taking the exam you are allowed to use the following resources: Mendix Docs Mendix Academy Learning Paths Mendix Forums (as long as you do not post questions) Mendix Studio (including any project you may have) Mendix Studio Pro (including any project you may have) Browser-based language translation service (i.e. Google Translate)
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Hi Bertran Ziyadov,

Yes, you can use app directory during exam.
Based on below point you can use studio pro with your own demo application and their you can open your app directory and refer during exam if required.

  • Mendix Studio Pro (including any project you may have)

Thank you.


Hello Ziyadov,


The answer is no

And the information you’ll be looking for is in the Academy Learning Paths