Mendix Academy - Crash Course 6.6.3

I have run into a small issue while completing 6.6.3 of the course. As shown it asks you to link a button to a microflow. However when i do that it gives me an error:   5Parameter 'Account' of the selected microflow does not match available arguments. Argument available to 'actionButton3' is object of dataView1 (UserManager.Employee).Property 'On click' of action button 'actionButton3'Page 'Employee_NewEdit'UserManager   I have no idea how to troubleshoot that error.  
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Hi Spencer,


Move the button up, so it will be in the Dataview Account over association Employee_Account. So, it should be located directly under the Timezone Reference Selector.


The error tells you that the button is in the Employee Data view and the Microflow expects on object of the type Account.


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