Message Definitions

I am working on the Importing and Exporting Your Data learning path and am currently on section 6.3.1. I need to set the message definitions but for some reason the available properties that I have showing are slightly different than those shown in the screenshot with the assignment instructions. This is leading to issues further down the road, when I am unable to click “Map attributes by name” in the Connector window. Any idea what I might have done wrong in this case? The first screenshot is from the learning path instructions and the second screenshot shows what I have. To me it seems like the second ‘Store_Country’ property that is highlighted in the second screenshot is extra, but I have no idea how it ended up there.       
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Keep in mind the learning paths are often made with/for older versions of Mendix Studio. To really follow it step by step, make sure to download the exact same version.



For instance, at the start of this path, they indicate using 9.6.1 It’s best to use this version to really follow the learning path step by step.