Differentiate between Rapid Developer Training and Intermediate Developer Training

Hi, I want to know the differentiate between Rapid Developer Training and Intermediate Developer Training. What is the benefit on taking Intermediate Training and Intermediate Certification than the Rapid level? Thanks, Ikhwan
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Intermediate Developer Examination is basically to gain the advanced knowledge of various topics that you may have already done in your Rapid Development Course (For example – Advance Domain Model, Better implementation of Microflows , Advance Page building , Details of REST Integration etc.) , and some new topics like UX UI and Front End, Styling App with Sass , Workflows. 

However, the Rapid is for the basic knowledge you need to build an app, where as Intermediate course will help you with a better understanding of what actually you are doing in your app with some amazing features and functionalities. 

So, go ahead and start the journey of becoming Mendix Intermediate developer.