Beginner Learning Path Bug Build your app using a template

Hey i was doing the beginner learning path “Build your app using a template” and when I create the app through the sprintr as it says in the learning path, it creates a 9.23.0 version project instead of 9.20 as it mentions. So I cant edit the app and proceed with the course. Can you help? When i select 9.20 on the version selector on the left, the sprintr creates a project with 9.23 version. Why does the Mendix Sprintr creates an app in 9.23.0 if it doesn’t exist yet to the public… Best Regards Filipe Lopes
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Hi Filipe,


That's probably because 9.23.0 is the latest release (as of today). The learning path might be from the time 9.20 was the latest one. Just open your 9.20 modeler and create a new project from there.