Is there any practice test available for intermediate certificate examination.

I was planning to give intermediate certificate exam, can someone who has got there certificate guide me through this. is there any practice test available online for this certificate. And also someone who cleared this exam recently tell me how was your experience. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Parvaz,


check out the Learning Path for these Topics


* Agile

* Security

* Microflows

* Pages

* Domain Model

* Modules

* Translation

* Xpath


and you will get it. 


  • During the exam, your screen will be monitored and recorded. In case you do not follow the rules, you will receive a failing result and will be prohibited from taking future Mendix exams for three months.
  • Once the time is up, all your answers will be submitted automatically.
  • Your results will be available within three working days after you finish the exam.
  • Don’t forget you have one month to take the test from the moment you receive this email. The exam link will no longer work after one month has passed, and the exam is non-refundable.
  • The exam link is valid for one attempt only. Please note a new exam fee will incur if you need to retake the exam.


System Requirements:

  • A working webcam
  • Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browser is recommended
  • Mettl Test Extension (only for the Chrome browser)


What is allowed during the exam?

  • You can only access the Mendix Platform resources, such as Academy, Docs, Mendix Studio Pro (including applications you have created)
  • You can use browser-based language translation service (i.e. Google Translate)


What is NOT allowed during the exam?

·  Recording the exam (includes but is not limited to screenshots, photographs, video recording, copying text). This also is classified as theft from Mendix/Siemens.

·  Using a document with the questions and/or answers. This also is classified as theft from Mendix/Siemens.

·  Using any notes (includes both physical and virtual copies)

·  Using a second monitor/computer

·  Using a mobile phone

·  Using headphones

·  Using a communication platform (includes but is not limited to Teams, Slack, Zoom, WhatsApp, other social media)

·  Physically leaving the desk for longer than 2 minutes

·  Moving the camera so that you are no longer visible

·  Reading the questions out loud

·  Speaking with other people in the room

·  Using web browsers to search for answers or consulting forums


Good Luck :-)





There is no ‘practice exam’ available when I looked for it, I went on to do the exam, after just doing the learning paths specified by Damir along with some practice using the skills learnt and it was no problem.  It is handy being able to dip into the online documentation and even try something in Studio Pro if you can’t quite remember if it’s A or B…. :) 


Just remember to read the questions twice as sometimes it’s easy to miss the word NOT or something in the question… Also, there are some questions where there is more than one answer, so watch for these too!


Good Luck



Are you sure that you can access Mendix Academy and Studio Pro during the exam?