Become a rapid Developer: Button Link, Page Arguments not available

Hi all, I have a problem with a button which should link to a list view. If I place this button inside of the Layout Grid, the button has the link to the list view which is also inside this grid view. If I place the button to a new layout grid on the right, this information disappears and I get this failure and I cannot add information to the button:   If I have this btton inside of the left layout I don´t have a problem:     Thank you all!!!!    
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Hi Kai,


You have the Problem because the Button dont have the Object TrainingEvent. The Button have to be in the Listview. You can try to set the Aligment to right in the Properties of the Button.


Or to take a LayoutGrid from the Toolbox and place it in the Listview. On the left side you can place the Attribues and on the right side the Button.


Hope this Helps,