Academy: Constrain Your Data Using XPath, 4.2.1

Hi! Hello! I'm having trouble with an assignment in the Academy. In chapter 4.2.1 I should test the application. I added the appropriate user accounts as Admin, logged out correctly, but after logging in to the User (Employee) account, when I want to submit request, I have no way to do it. Clicking on the 'New' button gives me the error 'No selection available.' I thought for a moment that maybe my application is buggy, that I missed something in the process, so I downloaded the prepared files (chapter 4.1) and started from them, and I still don't know how to get through the tests. As if some functionality was not properly hooked up. Maybe you had a similar problem? Maybe I did something wrong? I will be grateful for your help. Regards, Martin
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Hi Martin,

There is an error in the ACT_VacationRequest_Create flow that is provided in the downloadable package.


The flow is expecting a VacationRequest parameter, but that doesn’t make sense since you create a new one. That’s why the message “No selection available” occurs because the flow expects that you select a line in the data grid to pass that object to the flow.


To fix it, simply delete the parameter VactionRequest in this flow, so that you can create new VacationRequests.