Deeplink in email

how to use deeplink in email
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This is rather a large question :) let me try answering perhaps in the most simplest scenarios. Of course once you understands it will open the door for you to do more customizations.

First download the Deeplink module and its dependent modules from the marketplace and connect all the needed navigations.

Run the project and make a new deeplink, preferably a deeplink with anonymous role microflow underneath.

while making the deeplink you will know the link that it generates. usually <hostname>/link/<deeplinkname>

Now download the Email Connector module and its dependencies and connect all the needed navigations.

Now while making a new Email Template one of the placeholder values can be a hardcoded URL. In that give the previous though of deeplink and try to trigger a TEST EMAIL which should contain the URL because the Email Template has it.


Is this the scenario you are thinking or more than that?