How to create the page like below in mendix?

Hi, I am building a simple restaurant app.  I have created the Item_Overview page pls find 1st photo. I created order button beside the every item. For entities pls find 2nd photo.   My requirements are: when I click on the Order button the below wireframe page need to open. For this I create a page with the name Order_NewEdit(Formvertical) and conected this data view to Order entity. Pls find below photos. Could you please tell me the page(Order_NewEidt) created by me is correct or not? Item Name should be auto populated when we click on the order button of specific item. How to achieve this? Quantity, it is a dropdown with 1 to 100 numbers. How to achieve this? Total Amount ,this need be calculated automatically. That means Total amount = Price*quantity. How to achieve this?    
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You can do like this

1. Create a microflow that accepts Item as parameter. Call it when you hit Order buttons on the 1st page. In the microflow, create a new Order object and assign Item to Order_Item of the Order. Show the page using newly created Order as paramater.
2. Do #1, you will see Item Name.
3. Not sure why you need it as a dropdown but you can design Quantity as an enumeration and put 100 values :D
4. Create a nanoflow that accepts Order as parameter. Use Change Object action to change TotalAmount = Price * Quantity. Put that nanoflow to the On Change event of Quantity.