Is chat gpt allowed when taking a certification exam?

Hello,    I hope you are doing well :)   I was wondering, as a curious person, if chat gpt is allowed when taking a certification exam?    Thanks :)
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Asking literal questions is not allowed during the exams in general – for instance, posting questions from the exam on the forum is not allowed.


  • With rapid, it's an open book exam, so you're welcome to use any documentation for instance.
  • Intermediate is a closed book exam and you are not allowed to use any resources.
  • Advanced allows the use of the following resources:
    • Mendix Docs
    • Mendix Academy Learning Paths
    • Mendix Studio (including any project you may have)
    • Mendix Studio Pro (including any project you may have)
    • Browser-based language translation service (i.e. Google Translate)
  • Expert is not an exam and such so for expert it's not relevant


So overall, this means that the use of ChatGPT for any of the certifications is not allowed.