Having a problem with running Crash Course Unit 7.7.2-Debugging-a-Microflow

Link to unit https://academy.mendix.com/link/modules/324/lectures/2491/7.7.2-Debugging-a-Microflow This unit is about running and debugging of Microflow Step 3 tells “Make sure that your MockHrService is running.” – it is running and page opens using http://localhost:8079/index.html?profile=Responsive without any issue. But when I try to Run Locally application to debug “Summerhill Hospital”, I am getting Information popup telling “The project cannot be deployed at this time because there are errors. Please solve the errors listed in the Error List window.”, while Errors tab has no single message. This popup appears somewhen after “Check prerequisites” step.   What could be wrong with that? What kind of error it could be?   Thanks
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If you have any errors while you don't see any error in the Error tab, it can be that the error is related to a merge conflict in SVN.


Can you verify in the project directory if SVN has no conflicts?