Difference between stored and calculated attribute?

Could you please tell me difference between  stored and calculated attribute?
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Hi Ladi


Stored attributes are stored in Database as a column for table. 

Calculated attrinutes is calculated through Microflow. each time you desplay this attribute microflow will be called and value will be recalculated and returned through Microflow. 


The Value determines whether the value of the attribute is Calculated by a microflow or Stored in the database.

Take note of the following things when using Calculated attributes:

  • Each time an object with a calculated attribute is retrieved, the attribute is calculated. Depending on the complexity of the microflow and the number of objects you retrieve this can have impact on performance.
  • Attributes that are calculated by a microflow are not stored in the database.
  • It is not possible to sort on an attribute for which this property is used, because sorting is done by the database engine.
  • Uncommitted associated objects cannot be retrieved in calculated attributes.