Proper way to prep for Intermediate exam?

Warning: This is more of a rant than a straightforward question. But before I actually start: Why is Agile part of the exam? I get that its a handy and obviously a recommened way to use alongside Mendix, but i dont see why its part of the exam.   So far i've done the Intermediate exam 3 times, all of which failed. The exam itself is genuinely not hard but it does start nitpicking on specifics that i cant wrap my head around. When it comes to practice i've done the following: Recreating each (certificate advised) learning path and added additional functionality, languages, unnessarcy account compatibility and more. Doing a large chunk of advanced learning paths and finding alternatives for creating each intermediate app from scratch using that knowledge. Following a multitude of online videos (mostly YouTube as the ones on Udemy are quite unreliable) Asking a Mendix expert where I work for tips and tops   Things i haven't done: Joining a project. Working with workflows and combining it with my created apps. Expert level learning paths and Universities learning path. And if being honest; i have no idea what i did do wrong in any of the exam. Nor do i know how to improve in certain sections in the exam. Other than saying that you need X amount of expierence to complete the exam, It's a closed book multiple choice exam, with no access to the documentation nor studio pro there's little room for error so you really have to focus on specifics rather than general use of Mendix. And no, i am not going to sign up for the Intermediate Developer Course Classroom. As I do not have the money for it as an intern, nor the company i'm in willing to pay 1.4k for an intern(from a school).  
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Hi david,

You've pretty much done what you can indeed, there's not much more than that available except repeating what you've already done.
You should be able to take the exams as soon as you have completed all intermediate learning paths. Most questions asked in intermediate learning paths are therefore also in the exam itself.

As you indicate, you lack project experience and this is really an important part of Intermediate level -> insight. This becomes even more if you have to take the Advanced exam.

The intermediate level is mainly about getting your hands dirty (experience) and understanding the best practices.
My advice for now is: get some experience, it can easily take 4 to 6 months (if you haven't had classroom training) before you're ready to take the intermediate exam.


@David Kamperveen, hey, have you pass the test?

I just did mine, close but no cigar.

Would care to discuss our findings?

Please drop your email, so I can catch up with ya~


@Teoh Ming Sui @David Sävenmark @Manish Prajapati


I just got my Intermediate results in and they're looking pretty good (80%).

This time though i approached studying mendix in another way..


Here's my studying approach for the Intermediate exam:

  1. Agile tends to get somewhat deep in Agile Awareness, Chapter 3 is mostly relevant to this incomparison to Unlocking True Collaboration.  
  2. As mentioned by the many others who did the Intermediate Exam, Security and Microflows are easily the hardest ones because of how tricky the questions tend to be.
    Instead of focusing on them it's best to make a mental note of them on  the 1st  attempt, highly suggest you start making a list of what you can remember of the exam. 
  3. Focus on all other sections instead, they're quite easy to memorize, digest and study in comparison to Security and Microflows. Though be atleast sure you pass with a minimum of 4 points in both Security and Microflows
  4. Translation can be found here
  • Highly recommend recreating each Certificate Specified path from scratch.
  • Give Rapid Developer a reread.
  • Look for a certain Quizlet..


You could also focus on Security and Microflows instead but personally i'd say that its too risky.

I think that's as much information i can give without breaking the rules regarding information,

Hope this helps!



Sorry to hear about your experience with the intermediate exam, I’m going to take the intermediate exam in a couple of weeks and I’m not so confident even though I’ve worked and deployed a project and learnt lots of valuable topics, especially when it comes to microflows. I’ve done the intermediate developer course aswell but some questions can be very nit-picky and the questions themselves can be missleading for example:


When a layout is based on another layout, which of the mentioned option refers to the parent layout?

Answer: Master Layout


here its quite easy to interperet the question differently like “ which of the options is a reference of the parent layout? “ I’m thinking about what the child layout is called. 


however if they just asked the question differently like “ What do you call a parent layout that other layouts are based on? ” then it would be more clear if they mean the parent layout or the child because how they phrase the question can be quite missleading. Closed book exam aswell, I understand but comeon, the whole thing about working with Mendix is to use the documentation to look things up. Anyways, I’m sure you will pass the exam next time and I hope I’ll do the same.


@David Kamperveen, Thanks for your input. I will check out the Agile awerness learning path again. 

Best regards


Same here, close but no cigar.  Passed 6/8 chapters. But only got 50% on Security and 57 % on Microflows. The other 6 chapters got passed by 60 % – 100 % on some chapters. I could answer all the questions carefully with great consideration. I only had my doubts because I know how the exam is being counted. But looking at the results, passing 6/8 chapters with great margin. I feel like I passed this one but no.


Needed to answer one or two more questions correctly.  The questions are not that hard but how they score the exam itself is quite frustrating.