Advanced Exam multiple-choice question with 1 correct answer or multiple correct answers

Hi all,   I am about to register for the Advanced exam, I want to ask a multiple-choice question with 1 correct answer or multiple correct answers? Can I search for content on the forum? Can I switch from exam tab to browser tab to read document or go to Studio pro?   Thanks!
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Hi Phung,


Kirtti is partly right. I got my advanced last friday. 

The questions are mostly single answer but it is possible for multiple answer questions to appear.

You can switch tabs and consult the Docs, Studio Pro, Learning paths and a language translator like Google translate. Not the forum. Just make sure when sharing your screen that it is the whole screen and not just the exam tab. Good luck on your exam!


P.S. you might already know this but the exam is free until may:


The Mendix Advanced exam consists of multiple-choice questions with one correct answer or multiple correct answers. The exam format is designed to test your knowledge and skills in various areas of the Mendix platform.

During the exam, you will have access to the Mendix documentation, but you will not be able to search the forum or access Studio Pro or any other applications. You will also not be able to switch tabs or access any external resources.

You will be required to stay within the exam tab throughout the duration of the exam. If you attempt to access any external resources or switch tabs, it may be considered a violation of the exam rules and could result in disqualification.

It's important to prepare for the exam in advance by reviewing the Mendix documentation and studying the topics covered in the exam. This will help you to answer the exam questions more quickly and accurately, and increase your chances of passing the exam.