Stuck in Expand Your Domain Modeling Skills Class

Hi, I am working through the Expand Your Domain Modeling Skills. I am struggling with 2.4.1 Team Pages section. I can't seem to figure out how to resolve the error on the “New” button on the Players section. I think I am not understanding the association set up and that is what is causing me the issues. Also, the other thing that I do not understand is why I have access to the Captain_Team player by association but not Player_Team. How I am interrupting the instructions is that I should have access to the Player_Team from Team. Is my interpretation correct? I fixed it for the Player but I am not sure how but the Stadium has access to the Captin but not the player and was the same issue I had with the player. Below are the screenshots of my set up and the error I am getting. Note: per the tutorial, the New button should be outside of the Data. Steps that I am following:   My SetUp:
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What are the properties for your “New” button?

The Events section should look like this: