How to add class to container widget?

Hi, I am currently studying Create an App with Advanced Page Building at Academy. I am currently having trouble with section2.5.3 "Build the Detail Pages - Create the New Page". In this section, I found the following instructions "Add a container widget to the first layout grid column and apply the card class to it." I am not sure how to apply it to the "card" class in this case.   I would like to know how to add the container widget and how to apply the "card" class to it. Best regards.
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You can add the class card to the class property of the widget appearance

  1. open the properties of the container widget
  2. open the tab Appearance
  3. go to property Class at the bottom
  4. type card
  5. click ok
  6. done

Looks like you already did this, based on your own screenshot...

question: why taking the advanced learning path, while you haven't done anything before in mendix??



You can also do this directly from the 'Properties' panel on the right, after selecting the container you are interested in