I am not able to attend the intermediate exam after successfully registrations

Hi Team, I have registered for the intermediate certification exam on 30th of June.  I didn’t get exam link, But showing registered successfully.(Mendix Academy Portal - (mendixcloud.com)) Am I able to attend the exam in this month ?   Thanks Sudesh Kushwah
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Hello Sudesh,

From what I heard from academy, the issue was resolved and the user can register now without any issue.


For your previous registration under free coupon, the academy has given new coupon which again valid only before or on 31th may.


In any case you have to register newly, you won’t get link form the academy and if you register now it will cost you.

And for your question, no you can’t attend the exam.

Hope my answer helps. Reach me out for any queries.


Please contact,

academy@mendix.com mail you issues to given mail id you will get response with in two working days.