Associated field is not visible in datagrid and datagrid2

  I have created one association with Employee and LOPDate entity. I want to populate all the fields in the data grid. I have given data-source as Employee. Unfortunately, the Date field is not visible I tried in data grid 2 as well using custom content and Dynamic field. It didn't work for me.    
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So because the LOPDate entity is the owner of this 1 to many association, the data grid doesn’t allow you to traverse the association from the Employee entity (child entity). As a result, any attribute in the LOPDate (parent entity) isn’t accessible here. 

If this were a 1 to 1 association, you’d be able to see the Date field over the association with the LOPDate entity because in that case both entities would be the “owning” entity. But this change might not fit the data you need displayed. 


Another option is to abandon the data grid and instead use a list view with Employee as the data source. then inside that list view you’d need another list view with a data source microflow that returns a the set of LOPDate objects associated with each Employee entity. 


Hopefully this helps!


Hi Prince,


As Ben mentioned above, you are not able to see the LOPDates as an association because it is a One-to-Many association. The DataGrid would not know which of the many available dates it should display.


To display all the LOPDates available for each Employee, you will have to add a list view insde DataGrid2.


You can do something like this: