Give a presentation about Mendix

Hi, currently I have one of the challenge called ‘Give a presentation about Mendix’? I wish to get clear details about this challenge. Anybody please let me know the following details.., 1.What kind of presentation is acceptable(suggest any topics)? 2.Do I need to share my screen with audio and video? 3.How do I send my presentation, is it through email? Please share email address 4.Shall I use any version of studio pro? 5.What should be the expected duration for presentation? Thanks in Advance!  
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  1. A lot can be acceptable here, a youtube video, talking at a meetup, doing a presentation at a company about Mendix, it's hugely flexible. It can be things from “What is Mendix?” to more complex topics like “How can I do automated testing of  Mendix applications?”
  2. It depends on what kind of presentation you want to do
  3. You can send some sort of proof to, for instance, a picture of you giving an in-person presentation, a link to a youtube video, etc. Explain what you did and it should count :)
  4. Whatever you want, you can even do a presentation entirely without studio pro
  5. Any length of presentation that would be useful for your target audience. I don't think a youtube video going “Hi this is a presentation about mendix” in 2 seconds would count :-). 


In case of doubt, you can ask support if your idea counts before you give your presentation.