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Hi, Experts Iam creating a leave request app in that i want to restrict the leave request limit for the year , The actual problem is I want to calculate the year based on the financial year .The year should  start on April 1 the financial year . It should not start on January 1 , I have to calculate the total leaves based on the financial year to next financial year and the process should get repeated year by year .The total  leaves  for the year should get reinitialize to zero when the next financial year starts.    I have already created the limit for the month based on the From date of the user it is working for the current month , In this when the user trying to apply leave for the next month the same leave limit for the month should get repeated in my scenario it is not working . (This trick is working for the current month alone. Somebody help me in Xpath ) . How to write xPath condition to apply this for all months [FromDate>='[%BeginOfCurrentMonth%]'  and FromDate <='[%EndOfCurrentMonth%]' ] This Above xpath condition is working only for the current month , But the condition has to get applied for all the month     
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Hi Sankar,


If I understand your question correctly you can retrieve all leaves for the financial year as follows:



   FromDate >= '[%BeginOfCurrentYear%] + 4 * [%MonthLength%]' and

   FromDate < '[%EndOfCurrentYear%] + 4 * [%MonthLength%]'