How to Create Shopping App Kindly give me Step by step explaination(Domain model,pages,microflow)

Hi Team,  i am new to mendix ,i want to create shopping app ,i want to add some product in my app,so pls given me detailed explaination.
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Hi Surya Selvakumar,


If you want to add product to cart follow these steps,

  1. Create one Cart entity and associate it with account(One account- one cart) and product(one cart- * Product) entity.
  2. When you add a product to cart set the association between (cart and account ) and (cart and product) so that each customer will have cart and he can able to see his own product in cart.

Start by doing some learning paths and get to know how Mendix works. This will give you a good baseline of the platform. 

After that write down what you need, for example: customers, products, cards, cardentries, orders, orderlines, prices etc. Convert that into a domainmodel. 


We can help you with any questions, but you’ll have to built it yourself.


Start with downloading the Base application. This will give you a kickstart as it does contain several entities that you need: Person, Company, Product, Purchase- and Sales-Order, Invoice. Gets you on your way: