The selected user role User no longer exists.

I want to implement a chat facility in my Mendix Application. That is why I have downloaded the WebChatUI in my Mendix application. But I am facing an error saying,  The selected user role "User' no longer exists. How to solve this?    
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Hi Sanjukta Bhattacharjee,


You’re trying to retrieve the accounts of the userrole ‘User’, but that userrole is not exist as part of your project security.


  1. You can update the xpath condition with the replacement of [%Userrole_Teacher%] or [%Userrole_Trainee%] instead [%Userrole_User%] based on the need.  (OR)
  2. You can add User userrole in project security




Hey Sanjukta!


Can you check if that role is created on the module and project security?

I have find a question on the forum with the same problem:


In the worst case, you can maybe use the name attribute instead, name=’User’


If you have any other doubt, please let me know.


Thanks in advance,