Learnin Path - Building an event using microflows Snippet at 2.4.2

Hi all,   At the bottom of page 2.4.2, after extracting and naming the snippet SNP_Match_Details, I get the error:   “The list widget points to a grid, a reference set selector or a list view that no longer exists”   Under Data source, it is set to Listen to widget, with “listView3(undefined)”, and there aren’t any other options.   In the page where the original data view was placed, the data source was all linked correctly.   Does anyone know how to solve this?     Thanks
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Hi Andres Coca,

In the Snippet change the source of Data view from listen to the widget to Context and select the match entity. 

Your Match_Overview page should have the data view with listen to widget and place the new snippet inside it.
This will solve your error.


The error states that your Data view is not listening to any of the widgets ( mentioned in the error), since after the extraction the list view is on your Match_Overview page.


You can place this snippet inside a data view or list widgets which has the context object as Match in your any page of your project.




Thanks Dinesh.


I changed the Snippet to select the entity Match.


Now the following error appears: “A nested data view with data source 'Context' should specify a path over an association, not simply an entity”. I tried selecting the different associations and none of them seem to make sense.


Any thoughts?