Google Pie chart issue

Hi, i have recently implemented the google chart(Pi chart) in the dash board.  implementation steps created microflow which will get the proceed and stop count from an entity which has multiple records. one non persistable entity is created which contains ProceedCount StopCount and str_json  adding all the details to this entity '{ "cols": [        {"id":"","label":"Name","pattern":"","type":"string"},         {"id":"","label":"Count","pattern":"","type":"number"}        ],   "rows": [         {"c":[{"v":"Proceed","f":null},{"v":'+$CountOfProceed+',"f":null}]},         {"c":[{"v":"Stop","f":null},{"v":'+$CountOfStop+',"f":null}]}              ] }' this object is the return parameter and is used as datasource for the dataview inside which i have placed the pie chart   Error: initially while the page loads the page loads fine but when i have to navigate to any other page the page will go on infinite loading and the below logs will be printed   if this is a known issue or if you have come across the same pls let me know. any help is highly appreciated
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