Rapid Developer Course part 5.4.2; I dont see two Registrations options to continue, how to solve this?

These are the assingments I'm currently working on, however I do not have two options to select Registrations. There is not even a DataView1 (TrainingEven) option in my entity pop up. Where did I go wrong?   Place a new List view inside the new column that appears. Open the properties of the List view and open the Select Entity window on the Data source tab. You should see two different Registration options to choose from: The lower one is the contextual option you’re familiar with. If you were to select that one, you would be shown the unfiltered list of all Registrations in the database. What Jimmy wants is the top option, underneath the Registration_TrainingEvent dropdown. This will only show Registrations with an association to the training event the Data view is connected to. Pick the top Registration and click Select.
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Look at my latest answer in the following forum post : https://forum.mendix.com/link/space/academy/questions/127199