Time Tracking

I want to create time tracking in my application. How I can create time tracking in these requirements? 1. Time Check In and Time Check Out:  Employees log in the time tracker and enter the Check-in and Check-out in the Time Sheet.   2.Timesheet Submission: Once the hours are entered, employees can submit their timesheets for approval.   3.Manager Approval: Submitted timesheets are routed to the respective manager for approval or rejection.   4. Rejection Reason: In case of rejection, the manager can provide a reason for the rejection, which is communicated back to the employee.   5. Timesheet Resubmission: Employees can make necessary changes to the timesheet based on the manager's feedback and resubmit it for approval.
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I recommend you take a look at this learning path: https://academy.mendix.com/link/paths/56/Create-an-App-with-Advanced-Page-Building

Module 4 will show you how to create a request and module 5 talks about approval.


From this you can probably extend it to your specific needs.