Bill of Materiel (BOM)

Hey,    can someone help me out with the creation of a BOM in mendix? I want to be able to display a Wireharness with 3 levels. The wire harness being the top level (Level 1/0) and the cables being the second level (level 2/1) and finally, the confection on the start or end being the third level (level 3/2).   Furthermore, I could use some help in the creation of such and bill of material.    Node: I just started with mendix two weeks ago.  
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For this you can use a list view containing another list view.

Below left side is a datagrid. right side is a list view version

Creating the 2nd level object, you will need to create an association to the 1st level object.


In Studio Pro it looks like this for the first level


Second level is similar, but retrieving from the database via the association


I only used one entity,

but of course you can do the same with multiple entities that have 1-* associations.

To learn more about nesting data, you can take a look at this section of the rapid developer learning path


Hope this answers you question