Delete Objects

Hi all, Ask. I have a page in which im using data grid to display the data. to add new entries i have added a Add/Edit record page now in this page there is a field called add LOP Dates similar to the below screenshot(button name is NEW) upon clicking add user should be able to give multiple dates.   What ive built got a main table which involves employee details got a sub table with many to one association with the above table added a list view inside the Add/Edit records page and was able to add multiple dates when clicked on save everything works fine Problem what im facing im doing certain validation on the screen like the user has to enter the LOP days(int) which has to match with the count of dates what he/she has put on saving the validation works fine but if i were to delete a date entry from the list view and click on cancel it is still saving the data without validation. (the below ss shows the validation error. but on clicking CANCEL button on Edit New record page the record is still getting saved. I have to rollback the changes what has happened on the list view upon cancel which is not happening now) Any help is highly appreciated
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So from what i understand is that if you cancel the entry, it should revert the deleted entry? Because with the standard behaviour of the cancel button that won't cut it.


So you would either have to make a custom cancel button that checks if there is still a valid LOP date associated with your entry, or make sure that you cannot delete the last LOP entry before the user has added another one to the entry. But this also depends on your implementation.