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I am working on above mentioned learning path. assignment: 4.6.4-Test-the-Functionality   When I run the app locally I get the following error: log in as administrator in de requestor user role ‘Creating object of type Expenses.Request failed for security reasons’   I have checked entity acces and Requestor has entity acces to the request entity. what am i doing wrong here?
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Hi Evelien,

Pls check the entity access for the entity ‘Expenses’ maybe you missed that part, and did not provide the access to the user-role, for the creation and deletion of the entity.


Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!


Hi Evelin,

Check the security whether you had given production, check the user roles of admin, requestor, approver in the app security. If you want to login as administrator, use MxAdmin and 1 as password which is the default username and password for admin login.