Got stuck in Expanding the domain model - Rapid Certification

Hi all! I got stuck into Chap. 5 (Expanding the Domain model) specifically when I have to generate a NewEdit page using the Reference Selector widget. The training requires me to do a series of steps (which I have done):   Expand the domain model by associating the new entity "TrainingEvent" to the other 3 existing entities: Course, Location, and Teacher (as in the picture)     To create a new page "Training Event" and to connect it to the TrainingEvent entity, without automatically filling the contents of the list view To configure the list view to the different parameters: Course, Location, and Teacher To create a button and connect it to the TrainingEvent entity The challenge arise when I am tasked with creating a NewEdit page because in the training it shows that I should have a page like this.     While I am currently having this:     In addition, I am also getting this error     Your insights would be really helpful at this stage! Thank you in advance!  
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Hi Francesco,

it looks like, you are in design view, right now,

Pls, change to structure mode you  can refer from the screenshot below,


and select the data source of the data view to context, and the error should go away,

Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!


Hi Francesco,


Please click the error code of CE0488 to explain that. It mean of dataview didn’t configure any entity.


Peeradech W.