Navigation Menu Icons not showing properly in the app

Hi all, i am currently working on the rapid developer course and i was wondering if any of you had the same problem:   in the 4.6.1 Create the Navigation Menu- there is a task to create navigation menu with icons. In the mendix studio the icons are showing as per the instructions, however when i view the app on the browser, there not just the icons but also the text. Do you know what to do so only the icons are visible? THANKS!   studio pro and also the manual   web browser
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Hi Viki,


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Assuming you are just using the default Atlas DesignSystem, this should be the behaviour: 


As I see in your screenshot it is not. In the question, you mention Mendix StudioPro 10.3.1. I tested it just now, and I have the proper behaviour. But you also mention Studio Pro. This is discontinued since 9.20 if I remember well.


This is the 10.3.1 view:



We can have a look in the office and under the hood at what is causing the problem.  


For the learning path, you can continue knowing you didn't do anything wrong.


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you need to update your atlas if you've upgraded from version 9.* to 10.*.


Mendix, it would be great if you included in atlas a way for us to see how to use gliphycons and custom icons in the menu (ie, put some sass already in there)


I encountered the same issue where the navigation menu icons were not displaying correctly.


I fixed it by not placing the navigationTree inside a Container. This was with version 9.24.23, so I apologize if this isn't relevant to your situation.