Unable to run app locally due to an error while cleaning the deployment directory

Hey hey people, I am following the basic course and am at the point where I opened the template app in Studio Pro and am supposed to run it locally. So I press the green play button to run it locally, a new window pops up and goes through the first three points, hangs on "Clean deployment directory" and aborts with the following pop up: As you can see the details are completely blank. Trying to manually clean the deployment directory ends in the same situation. How do I resolve this problem? I tried pretty much everything I could think of and what I was able to find online and nothing helped yet.   Cheers and thanks for your time!   Edit: I found some errors in the log file in AppData/Local/etc.... Below I listed all the errors i found in the log file: - 2023-10-27 10:50:19.9252 ERROR Mendix.Modeler.ExtensionLoader.Loading.ExtensionRegistry Some extensions couldn't be loaded successfully.Mendix.Modeler.ExtensionLoader.Loading.ExtensionLoadException: The following extensions could not be loaded dataimporter: manifest.json was not found. 2023-10-27 10:50:19.9252 ERROR Mendix.Modeler.ExtensionLoader.Loading.ExtensionRegistry Some extensions couldn't be loaded successfully - This one appers thrice in a row: Mendix.Modeler.Deployment.DeploymentPhaseException: An error occurred while cleaning the deployment directory.   at Mendix.Modeler.Deployment.CoreDeploymentWork.CleanDeploymentDirectory(IProject project, DeploymentSettings settings, IProgressInfo info) in Mendix.Modeler.Deployment\CoreDeploymentWork.cs:line 94   at Mendix.Modeler.Deployment.Build.CoreDeploymentWorker.DoWork(DeploymentPhase phase, IProject project, DeploymentSettings settings, IProgressInfo info) in Mendix.Modeler.Deployment\Build\CoreDeploymentWorker.cs:line 49   at Mendix.Modeler.Deployment.DeploymentProcessBuilder.ExecuteDeploymentWorkForPhase(DeploymentPhase phase, IProject project, DeploymentSettings settings, IProgressInfo info) in Mendix.Modeler.Deployment\DeploymentProcessBuilder.cs:line 186   at Mendix.Modeler.Deployment.DeploymentProcessBuilder.<>c__DisplayClass12_1.<AddBuildStep>b__1() in Mendix.Modeler.Deployment\DeploymentProcessBuilder.cs:line 146   at Mendix.Modeler.ProtectedModules.ProtectedModulesUnlocker.<>c__DisplayClass3_0.<Do>b__0() in Mendix.Modeler.Core\ProtectedModules\ProtectedModulesUnlocker.cs:line 22   at Mendix.Modeler.ProtectedModules.ProtectedModulesUnlocker.ExecuteInContext[T](Boolean unlockImplementation, Func`1 code) in Mendix.Modeler.Core\ProtectedModules\ProtectedModulesUnlocker.cs:line 42   at Mendix.Modeler.ProtectedModules.ProtectedModulesUnlocker.Do(Boolean unlockImplementation, Action action) in Mendix.Modeler.Core\ProtectedModules\ProtectedModulesUnlocker.cs:line 20   at Mendix.Modeler.Deployment.DeploymentProcessBuilder.<>c__DisplayClass12_0.<AddBuildStep>b__0(IProgressInfo info) in Mendix.Modeler.Deployment\DeploymentProcessBuilder.cs:line 145   at Mendix.Modeler.Deployment.FileIOExceptionHandlingProcess.<>c__DisplayClass2_1.<AddStep>b__1() in Mendix.Modeler.Deployment\FileIOExceptionHandlingProcess.cs:line 22   at Mendix.Modeler.Deployment.FileIOExceptionHandlingProcess.CatchDiskException(Action action) in Mendix.Modeler.Deployment\FileIOExceptionHandlingProcess.cs:line 31   at Mendix.Modeler.Deployment.FileIOExceptionHandlingProcess.<>c__DisplayClass2_0.<AddStep>b__0(IProgressInfo info) in Mendix.Modeler.Deployment\FileIOExceptionHandlingProcess.cs:line 22   at Mendix.Modeler.Utility.Progress.StepBase`1.Run(TProgressInfo info) in Mendix.Modeler.Utility\Progress\Step.cs:line 31   at Mendix.Modeler.Utility.Progress.StepBase`1.Mendix.Modeler.Utility.Progress.IStep.Run(Object progressInfo) in Mendix.Modeler.Utility\Progress\Step.cs:line 36   at Mendix.Modeler.UIFramework.Progress.ProcessRunner.RunStep(IStep step) in Mendix.Modeler.UIFramework\Progress\ProcessRunner.cs:line 170   at Mendix.Modeler.UIFramework.Progress.ProcessRunner.OnDoWork(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e) in Mendix.Modeler.UIFramework\Progress\ProcessRunner.cs:line 81   at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.OnDoWork(DoWorkEventArgs e)   at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.WorkerThreadStart(Object argument) - 2023-10-27 10:54:58.3983 ERROR Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl.Windows.Git.GitCommandLineClient Git command line client has exited with code 128.
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@Erwin't Hoen: The deployment directory is on a local drive, but the drive is secured and one needs admin rights, which I have, to directly write on it. Could this be the issue?

@Uday Sappa: I checked the changes under Version Control -> Show changes on disk but don't really know how to proceed. It shows me three changes, two of which I can compare in WinMerge.

@Michael Friede: I have no data in the app, I'm just starting to learn Mendix and am trying to run an empty app with a tasks & planning template as stated in the Academy course "Build your app using a template" point 2.2.1 step 4.