How to convert Date Time attribute based on user login country language

Hi,  Can anyone help me with this question. Consider an example where a German user logs into an application as his native date format is "dd.MM.YYYY" so he wants to see his date format as "06.12.2023" instead of 06/12/2023. I mean based on user login; The date should appear on Ui according to his native format.  Instead of hard coding the number of statements in if-else, is there any predefined function to read the native format?   Appreciate your help in advance.  
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You can set up languages in your application (Language menu | Language settings). Each language has its own specifications for date/time formatting.

The user can be linked to the specified language (System.User to System.Language association). When the user logs in, the language specific layout is used automatically.


See this learning path for more information


Other solutions would require a lot of custom logic




Under your App Settings, go to the Languages tab.

By opening a language, you have the option to change the Date/Time and Date and time format.


Hope this helps.