Constrain Your Data Using XPath

Hello! I'm taking the "Constrain Your Data Using XPath" course at mendix academy, and right after creating the first micro flow the following error appears: At least one allowed role must be selected if the microflow is used from navigation, a page, a nanoflow or a published service. Can anyone help me resolve this error?
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Hi Roberto de Oliveira, 


When you are creating a microflow, always mendix asks for specific roles to access the microflow. In that case you have to give access to the microflow for specific module roles.


Microflow access to module role can be given by opening the properties of microflow and check the 'Security' section and check for ''Allowed roles''.


Hope you may clear the error.


Hi Roberto,


This error pops up when you haven’t configured the role(s) for the Microflow yet. In the properties section of the Microflow you can assign the user role(s) that should be allowed to trigger the Microflow.


After the configuration your error will be resolved.


Good luck building, Roberto!