Application switch to different version

I have made my application in version 10 and I want to import that in version 9.24.3 which is not happening and I getting an error message which is attached below. Please help me with a solution.
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First upgrade your application to Mendix 10.0.0 and then import.


Hi Saurabh Thakur

You can open it on version 10 and then downgrade the metadata of the project to 9.24.3 using the MPR tool

You can change your project mpr metadata using the undocumented Mendix MprTool. 

  • find your previous Mendix studio directory, from there modeler → MprTool.exe
  • File → Open → pick your project.mpr
  • Tools → Edit Metadata → change the metadata versions to previews / desired version. 
  • Ok and Try out, opening the project in your previews mendix.! Done.


This method works fine between versions with small changes!… 


This is the only way to downgrade the version and this method works fine between versions with small changes!… 

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