Got errors when Install and configure the Excel Importer Module

Hi All, I got 3 error after import the Mx Model Reflection and Excel Importer modules.  Asked me select the Mendix Object. Please help to guide me which object I should select to fix the errors.   Thanks
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Hi Ngoc,


It seems like this is a problem from the specific Studio Pro version 10.1.1, as seen here in this other question:


There are two solutions suggested by Peter Tiszavolgyi in that forum question:


First solution:

  1. I opened a project which I created earlier (and used these modules) and updated to 10.1.1
  2. Exported the MxModelReflection, Excel Importer and Excel Exporter modul packages from this project
  3. Imported the module packages into the new project with the “Replacing Existing Module” option.


Second solution:

  1. Double-click on the reference selector that generates the error -> In the Properties window, click on the "Select" button of the “Go-to page”.
  2. Choose a different page. For example, the MxModelReflection.Microflow_View, then click OK on the Properties window.
  3. Re-do step 1, but now choose the MxModelReflection.MxObject_Details page.
  4. The parameter mapping will be reset, and the error will be gone.


I hope that helps you solve your problem, best regards!


Thank you for your advice!

I have upgraded to version 10.6.1 and these 3 errors were gone.

But I got new error please help me look how to fix this error also :