Why Mendix is so FU**ED UP??!!!??

Seriously why would I choose to start my project with Mendix?
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Hi Mahsou,


So many reasons! 

Take a look at the usecases: https://www.mendix.com/cios/


And you are more than welcome to join us at a Mendix MeetUp and discover even more ;) 

Next one is today: https://www.meetup.com/nl-NL/mendix-nl/events/294903414/


Hi Mahsou. It looks like you could use some help. What's up?


Hey Mahsou,


No one asks you to start building projects using Mendix at first place. Even Mendix says don't use it until you don't know what you want to build.


This tool or platform is mainly targetting for certain audience mainly ERP systems. But since people from various tech stacks are trying out this tool, innovation is bringing out new possibilities and hence it is becoming more popular.


You can devote some time here, maybe you will hate at the beginning because there is lot of things you need to do in Mendix way but after sometime you will get used to it.


And even if you don't enjoy, it's completely fine, you can look out for further options. 


Hope this answer helps.



Naman Khard